The Inner Leadership Business Series

Five short e-books published throughout 2022 by Bookboon, the world's most used corporate learning solution.

It is human nature to focus on external goals and outcomes without developing the inner realm. In the private sphere, this leads to family problems and mid-life crises. In business, a lack of inner development leads to burnout, overwhelm, a lack of trust and commitment, reduced productivity, and increased turnover. 

The Inner Leadership framework aims to mitigate these issues. It is based on the premise that once people do inner work on themselves, unimaginable new external possibilities arise. It provides actionable ways to apply soft skills in order to construct one’s life and career in the most meaningful way possible. 

The overall process of Inner Leadership is simple. When external leadership skills are not getting the job done, a person pauses and turns inward to develop the soft skills explored in this book series: mindfulness, communication, emotional mastery, and navigating uncertainty. Then, the leader comes back to the external issue, applying insight from their inner work in ways that solve problems and capture opportunities. 

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