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Life Coaching

A Life Worth Living

Life coaching can help you find your unique path in life.

Consider life coaching to be a combination of a trusted advisor, supportive friend, creative partner, and skilled professional all rolled in one.

Life coaching is designed to help you identify your goals, create a plan of action to reach your objectives, and provide encouragement on the way to building your best life!

I focus on giving clients skills to apply to their problems. These skills come from celebrated frameworks such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Dialectical Behavior Skills, Positive Psychology, and much more.


Career Coaching

A Career Worth Having

As a Certified Executive Coach and ICF-Professional Certified Coach, I have helped professionals of all levels create dynamic careers that align with their personal mission, vision, and values.

I have worked with leaders in major corporations and non-profits in the United States, Europe, and India.

Some return on investments include: career transition from CEO to consulting startup; promotion to VP of a major U.S. banking institution; and many more.


Relationship Coaching

A Relationship Worth Being In

Creating a meaningful relationship with another person can create a deep sense of companionship and support which cannot be found elsewhere.

Yet in today’s world finding--and keeping--a significant other is not an easy task.

Relationship coaching can create powerful alignment, allowing each person to be who they are while remembering they are on the same team.

Drawing on training as a Gottman Relationship Coach as well as experience in my personal relationship, I have had the opportunity to walk with couples as they explore building or sustaining a life together including: premarital counseling, parenthood, finances, long distance separation, and other issues.

Networking Event

Organizational Consulting and Coaching

An Organization of Ethical, Creative Contribution

I regularly work with corporations and charities to improve soft skills through my Inner Leadership framework. 

I offer 1:1 coaching, team coaching, and regularly speak on Inner Leadership topics. I am also available for workshops and off site retreats.

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