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As a coach, speaker, and author, I have had the opportunity to help people all over the world flourish into who they truly are!

Originally from the United States, I pursued a love of music from an early age. My passion allowed me to travel the world, live abroad, earn a doctorate, and gain ten years of invaluable leadership experience as an Executive Director. I could have easily ridden a wave of success until I retired.

My Story: About

However, life threw a curveball. A teenager asked for my help and my life was forever changed. I realized a life of helping others was my true calling.

Initially thinking I wanted to become a therapist, I completed a graduate degree and obtained my license.

As I searched for ways to contribute and be of service, I tried on various roles for size as a school counselor and in nonprofits.

But I just couldn't seem to find the right fit.

My Story: About

Luckily, fate intervened, and a series of fortunate events led me to the work I have done for the past six years as a coach, speaker, and author.

Through coaching individuals and teams, creating YouTube videos, and publishing my first book, "Becoming Who You Truly Are," I have had the great blessing of helping people ask big questions about who they are and why they are here.

I genuinely care for the people I serve and I would be honored to discuss whether I am a fit for your needs as you develop the life and career that works for you!

My Story: About
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