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As a coach, author, and digital content creator, I take the insights gained from my life's journey to help others become who they truly are.

I bring experience to clients: six years of coaching and a decade of experience in leadership roles at the Director level.

I also bring credentials: as a Certified Executive Coach and ICF-Professional Certified Coach, I apply nuanced skills and frameworks to various topics.

Perhaps most importantly, I truly care for the people I serve, and I would love to connect with you!

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“I've had the pleasure to watch Patrick develop his natural ability to be a great coach over the past few years. A forthright person and critical, divergent thinker, Patrick  demonstrates mastery of current coaching best practices while also developing innovative strategies to move clients forward using the depth of his experience in the arts. Just as importantly, I have seen him demonstrate the elements of his Inner Leadership framework to navigate life in rich and rewarding ways. He would be an asset to almost any client/organization.”

Mary Harlan, CEO, Harlan Consulting

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